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>> mine during the late is out of bags and city, black smoke has come from the sistine chapel chimney as a were to elect a new boat resumes this morning at the vatican. >> we're following a developing story out of marin county where police are on the scene of a fatal car accident. >> warm weather as we be are the bay area, temperatures expected to hit 80 degrees and some parts of the bay. just like yesterday. >> once we get that fog to pull back a little bit we will see some nice temperatures and wind, and near the 80 degree mark. >> not so warm white now, it is 42 degrees. it does feel a little warmer than that just because there's not a
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whole lot of wind right now. you could see some of the trees over there, how still they are right now. the good the is there's no wind factor but it is expected to warm up and get into the '80s. pick a possibly be one of the hottest days of the year. you should prepare to wear jackets and now because it is 43 degrees but it is expected to warm up. >> we have some areas of luckily did fall right now. later on this afternoon could definitely be the warmest day of 2013 thus far. here's a quick look year after an highs, looks of a piece of lint, 77 fairfield concord,
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sunnyvale 66, livermore 78. more details on those afternoon highs coming up in just a few minutes. >> we have a hot spot in the north bay highway 1 01. you'll see at least one lane, off at the marin county line. fifth off this is northbound 01 at the county line, very close the san antonio exit. a pickup truck went off the road, the accident resulted in a fatality. traffic is getting by without a major delay but we will definitely keep an eye on it. we're dealing with reduced visibility especially on the bridges. i love the bridge checkable trevor report coming up in just a bit. >> black smoke is billowing from the chimney of the sistine chapel, meeting roman catholic card also not elected a pulp and there is a record third round of balloting. cargoes loaded twice today and michelangelo's famously frescoed sistine chapel after a first vote tuesday
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at the conclave to elect a successor benedictus 60. if it will take a two-thirds majority of the 115 card of, 77 boats must be electevotes toe next pope. we did see another boat or wrong and today. --vote around noon today >> flu leaders from the christian preschool of ouand
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church held apparently meeting and pleasanton last night. parents and administrators at said appoint preschool are in shock following allegations that of former teacher take up a child for refusing to take a nap. angelo calcano resigned from her job as a teacher at the preschool in january. this pictur after polie said the mother of the zero growth wouldn't disclose that she saw a picture of her daughter to again by calcano after she allegedly tied the tied their up with masking tape for refusing to take a nap. >> it's their turn year-old boy is recovering this morning after being shot in oakland. as many as it morning around 730 in the
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13th at 0 hundred block of 66 ave. police received a call from the hospital after the boy had been dropped off. the details are available but the shooting at anyone effort with information about this is after all oakland police department. >> a man who claims he was running what ought oakland most wanted list is now suing the city's police department. 37 year old och au van was placed on the city's most wanted list for six months and 2012 in connection with a gang shooting. >> claims that when he went to the police to clear up the confusion, he was placed under arrest. however a lawyer for the band says his client a law-abiding citizen with no history of violence. on top of clearing his name, a band's lawsuit seeks financial compensation for loss of employment wages and emotional trauma. the
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case is scheduled for a status hearing on june 7th. >> some a little video shows a missing woman last thursday morning. at 31 year-old eric out maska- leris was walking along 34 then telegraph in oakland. she has not been missing for seven days. her brother jobs last uncovers this may have. >> i told her what to pack. we love you erica. there is only people here who love you and are looking for you. we are going to find you. >> a $1,000 reward is not being offered in this case. >> benicia police are asking for public help in finding this man. 53 year old arcelio cruz also known asr
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c. he was last seen as the knees on monday just before midnight. he has milked medical problems and is considered at risk. cruz was last seen wearing a black but it's wet shirt, jeans, and brown boots. >> an underground gas lie near berkeley home was punctured by a worker causing a fire. this is video for helicopter parts to but abc seven is. at first, the fire was reported as a car fire but a contractor hired by the homeowner apparently had a gas line with a big. the home itself was not damaged. from beautyrest40% and posturepedic.ets
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wher >> welcome back to the dow heads into wednesday trading on a streak of eight straight increases. yesterday gained almost 3 points to close at 14,450. that is long as winning streak for the dow in two years and the dow's sixth straight day closing at all- time record high. the broader indexes were both down tuesday with s&p 500 slipping four points to 1552 and the nasdaq listing 10 and 1/2 points to close at 3242. the dow was up 10.3%
6:13 am
so far this year. boeing stock out in pre-market after the faa approved a battery redesign plan for the 787. taking center stage wednesday, the latest reading on february retail sales due to be released before the opening bell. sales are expected to resume 0.5%. >> more and more young people are using a smart bombs as their primary injured at portal. about half of teenagers was smart phones say is their primary internet device. in comparison, just 15 percent of adults said that they will access the internet mostly by cellphone. tax experts say these young mobil servers will continue to influence the way corporations do business and marketers advertise will only continue to evolves, as the wwill the way mobilizes are monitored.
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>> you will pay nearly $50 million in bonuses to for the internet search company's top executives for their performances last year. documents filed tuesday disclose executive chairman eric schmidt will get the biggest award at $6 million. most of its wealth is tied up in google stock. those of the bank of $3.3 million bonus to a top lawyer. the chief financial officer and the company's t business office are each getting bonuses of $2.8 million. >> it looks like twinkies and returned to stores shows their own. houses has announced that to a buyout firms have agreed to buy the brand. the deal includes the loans. the proposed transaction includes the brands by bakeries and equipment. a bankruptcy court still has to approve equipment. a bankruptcy court still has to approve so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram.
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>> good morning, out banks for waking up the best is 6158 m. yesterday was anyone around the bay area. we saw some mid-70s for concord and livermore, up 71 was the high at the oakland airport. visibility is the big store eight again as 40. eyeholstory
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the fog starting in from the coast line through the golden gate is affecting oakland berkeley and emeryville. the good news is the fog will burn off for most of us into the afternoon. temperatures are not too bad. we had quite a drop in the upper 30's for and about all but set out oakland waking up to 50 degrees. 48 in hayward, 46 and pleasanton. future cast four, tracking the temperatures for you, by lunchtime you'll see 60s writer on the heart of the bay. it looks like we will warm up already, mid-70s for our inland spots. by 2:00 p.m. the yellow really damaged the screen. we will stay in the upper 60s along the coastline, ladies in the south bay. today could certainly be the warmest day was 2013. i don't think
6:19 am
we will see any records broken but still lives in warm around the bay area. at 8:00 p.m. tonight we look like down to the '60s, upper 50s for samper's goal and the coastline. happened highs fremont 75, 81 campbell, a new ballet, 80 and every, 81 danville, 73 san leandro, downtown san francisco upper 60s, low 70's in berkeley. we will see a lot of fog cleon's a coastline into the afternoon hours. daly city high as 64. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a gradual cool down, lies whether and to a mergers above average. it will feel like springtime and into the weekend, we have changes to talk about. perhaps as sour as we head into tuesday evening. 6:17
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a.m. and here is robin. >> hotspot on highway 10 what is the tied to the scene that has the ability of since the 2:00 hour. this is northbound 1 01 at the marin county line. a fatal accident past the right lane where a pickup truck went off the road. crews shut down the right lane for the investigation very day we opened the right leg about 10 minutes ago. all lanes are open on the northbound 1 01 at the county line. in the opposite direction, southbound the new direction is starting to back up now. the stopping of xvi and getting through the accident scene. there is some labor activity on the shoulder but they are out of the right lane. this all is live in the morning is the commute on 205 and 580 headed out tracy did all my and to livermore. the drive time is up to 40 minutes, it is a stop and go right. no
6:21 am
accidents or stalls in your way. when dealing with fog and, it is affecting the visibility of the bay area bridges. if there is a special fund advisory for the san mateo, bay and golden gate bridge. the lights are on, you are already back to the 880 over grozny. once you get on the bridge, you have to deal with the fog. drive time 40 minutes out of oakland downtown san francisco. this is a live look at this and the sale bridge, highway 92. this does not affect your drive times, you are looking at 12 and from hayward to foster city. the saying goes to the right across the golden gate. use extra caution as you were killed and about into downtown sao francisco. >> lawmakers and colorado have passed a bill legalizing still unions for
6:22 am
same-sex couples. it follows several years of strong debate on the issue. the state house passed a bill yesterday that are declared the state senate. the governor is elected to sign the bill next week. that it would go into effect may 1st. 19 other states, all of washington d.c., already recognizably unions and same-sex marriages domestic or domestic partnerships. the house is expected to vote today on a bill that will block deal bomb administration from waiving any work requirements in the 1996 welfare reform law. house republicans say the president obama is trying to get rid of the work requirement. it is traces says state officials have the desire of the welfare laws work requirement create an erratic bureaucratic haricots the blazing welfare recipients in jobs. we want as the obama is addressing the owners' and democratic activists were
6:23 am
raising money for a group formed out of his reelection campaign. the president is heading into way meeting of organizing for accident, a nonprofit group created by former obama campaign aides and white house advisers this year. the group is raising millions of dollars from donors to rally support for issues like gun control, and immigration reform and climate change. >> the roman catholic archdiocese of los angeles will pay nearly 10 million to settle for clergy sex abuse cases. adjourns attorney confirmed that the ninth when i leave a settlement which alleged abuse by a former priest michael baker. two cases where to go to trial sent a judge and attorneys for the alleged victim's that also receive punitive damages. baker met with cardinal roger mahony in 1986 and invest less in two brothers
6:24 am
for nearly seven years. hoodies that baker for a psychological treatment but easily but back in a ministry where he molest again. baker was to make them less in what was it 2007. the alleged point of are the batboys brothers. the ones that america is considering a change of policy against allowing openly gay members. not sent out a questionnaire that goes beyond assembly answered all his subjects. among the nine questions, is an acceptable for a discount and a straight out of sheer talent on an overnight camping trip? the survey, centiliters of harrods, and goes by multiple toy's answers written from a totally sensible to totally unacceptable. the boards as the decisions openly gay members will be made at the group's annual meeting in may. >> defense secretary john hagel has decided to review the criteria of a recently created medals honor achievements in from warfare. the metal is so new
6:25 am
it hasn't actually been awarded anyone yet. the outraged and horrified at what out right those medals given the bats in face enemy fire and the risk of death. the distant as warfare metal was created by former defense secretary leon panetta of is that it was high time to honor soldiers fighting on a new kind of battle vote front. >> the faa has approved a boeing plans to redesign the batteries for a 787 dream liner is. boeing says it will redesign the battery to minimize the chances of a sort circuit. they are talking about better insulation and inventing system. the 787 fleet is the provinces january after a battery fire on one plane and a smoking battery on another. >> and the bill in sacramento would require the
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state's public colleges and universities to give credit for online courses taken my students unable to register for classes on campus. in the past as a will be the first time as the legislators that destroyed the public universities to grant credit for courses that were not their own, including those of my private vendor. the bar because of budget cuts, hundreds of thousands of students in california's three public higher education systems are shut out of courses they must pass to fulfil their general education requirements or proceed with their major. many are forced to spend extra semesters or years to get their degrees. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious.
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>> and palo alto teen is a tough place winner and the intel science talent search in washington d.c.. 16 year old sahana vasudevan receive a $20,000 reward in math research. five bay area high school students were among 40 finalists vying for the $1,000 top prize in the contest. organizers say the talent search say all the projects they receive stem from a simple curiosity. --
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>> welcome back silver spring's network just went public and this is their ipo. they first file for ibm back in 2011 in july and is going for $17 a share. dow futures are flat they
6:33 am
aren'partit is sitting in recorh territory at 14,450. >> we are also watching the war weather, hoping to feel it today. temperatures could be around 80 degrees in some parts of the bay. jackie sissel is up an oakland hills right now >> it follows looks like you walk across the fog over stanford's is go at this point. that's out to get is very as you look back at san francisco is hard to make out. i am lower in the oakland hills. it is absolutely perfect up here, i could see stars over head and not the hands of breeze. it feels like mid-50s over
6:34 am
hilere. it will be a beautiful day. >> plenty of '70s, perhaps some eighties later on today. we of areas of locally-it's called. wider than yesterday, pushing car east toward concord. pleasanton and is loaded with the 80 degree mark. sunnyvale region after an high as 76 >> 81 campbell. war or whether in store for this afternoon. it could be the warmest day of 2013 thus far. more details on nafta highs coming up and a few minutes. >> we're still seeing slow traffic in the north bay on highway 1 01 where we have a hot spot. the accident occurred on the northbound side of 1 01 near the county
6:35 am
line. a pickup truck ran off the road around the 2:00 hour this morning. the right eye was blocked off for the investigation and debris opened it at 6:00. in the opposite direction, you have a lot of doctorqwackelookiy loo board on traffic is defined as fine. at the golden gate bridge, continuing into san francisco a fog advisory is still in place. from about into downtown severance as coach traffic is nice and light, 21 minutes. >> this morning after three unsuccessful vote 6 elected a new po.
6:36 am
>> have played suits throughout the day to there is still no decision. black smoke after the voting and they have not reached a two- thirds of voting. the gunboats and more times before the end of the day. >> they may close the deal today, they could get our that magical threshold of 77 votes. >> rainy weather is not stopping crowds from keeping vigil in st. peter's square. >> is an exciting syrians and a part of history. to say that i was here for the new election of a new pope is amazing. >> they're hoping the conclave will secure a strong feature for the church. >> the above is the leader of our church. we really need someone who is strong and who can lead us. >> they need someone in the
6:37 am
sand on the stage and all this excitement about the church. >> until the cardinals decide who that person is, the world will wait keeping and not watch what i on that jimmy atop the sistine chapel. a 2005 the conclave that elected been a big 16 was over in four ballots. this time around, there does not seem to be a clear front runner. there are and fall of highly popular candidates. >> threatening graffiti is out of pleasanton hills high school. mike pelton is live outside the school this morning. >> they found a graffiti
6:38 am
threat inside the girls a bathroom inside the gir. and pas i hate everyone at the school, watch me shoot everyone on march 14th. that is tomorrow. school officials issued a campus safety alert and alerted parents. they assured them that they're taking steps including increasing police presence on campus. we'll get more reaction aha from school officials later on. the big one has any idea who is as oslo for the threat, contact police. >> the kids at school today correct? >> car rags, they will start at the next several hours. presumably they will start showing up shortly.
6:39 am
>> police are searching for a man robbed the pleasanton bag. they release the surveillance of the suspect. it happened at wells fargo bank on how yard road. the man and a lot of teller a note demanding cash and then ran off. no weapons were seen and all was hurt. it is not clear how much money he made off with. the suspect is described as a black male between 30 and 40 years old blues bands roughly 6 ft. tall and weighs about 160 lbs.. >> san francisco police are releasing a total of one of the state kicked a toddler at golden gate park monday. the suspect is 24 year-old sabrinyna bell. she is accused of kicking a little girl in the chest. the child had some scrapes after falling but is otherwise ok.
6:40 am
investigators say there is no apparent reason the suspect it the child and is a she also threaten other children. >> the fight fire at berkeley's boehme's chez panisse restaurant has done a lot of damage. top rated dining spot remains close. even see the front porch suffered a lot of damage, is boarded up and officials say it is on say. it is believed the fire was started by an electrical box a caught fire and the restaurant sports. this and says chez panisse is canceling reservations three weeks out. today marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark u.s. supreme court decision that led to the use of the miranda warning. it is used when please tell a suspect you have the right to remain silent. ernesto miranda was aggressive back in 1963 and convicted of kidnapping and raping an 18 year-old woman in phoenix. the supreme
6:41 am
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these prices are falling fast, but these deals won't last. sleep train's beautyrest and posturepedic closeout sale ends soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> welcome back, 641 a m. a colorado mother says she has run out of options in trying to curb her children's bad behavior at school. she wants is to announce a school wearing shirts that say bully and seas of the school said know. the mother says her son is a bully so she made him an a. i am i believe t-shirts to wear to school. are 8 year-old stepdaughter was stealing from her purse, the local wal-mart and neighbors. she made a little girl wear a shirt saying that she steals. the school is not ok with these t-shirts, saying it demeans the kids. school
6:45 am
districts and birds and says he was an anomaly was cool out of it. we share the story of facebook page and here's what some of your say about this. daria as as i am curious to find out how it even got to this point where both of her children are misbehaving. perhaps our parenting has been lacking for a while? christopher says the choice is apparent exit as the planet childs should not be carried into the school grounds. however wearing a t-shirt is not going to hurt anyone long term. the purpose is to discourage further at appropriate behavior. the generous as i'd really appreciate this mother is desperately trying to be proactive. sightseer a school representative asking to be left out was also their job to educate. this should be a part of their education. tell us what you think about it on our facebook page at facebook .com/kron4. >> a long island firefighter ended up battling a blaze
6:46 am
that is own house last night. a driver- truck into the. all the house and the truck caught fire. the drug also had a natural gas line leading into the house, causing an explosion. the homeowner, a volunteer firefighter responded on the scene. i want to give were inside a house of the time but got out safely and were not hurt. the driver of the big was charged with driving while impaired by drugs as well as second degree reckless endangerment. >> we will take a break, 6:44 a.m. is the time. rob black will be joining us with is from wall street. a live look from the mall tam cam, a lot of fog out there. we will be right back.
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6:49 am
>> welcome back, the dow was down 30 right now. we have
6:50 am
seen that in the past a good day is what we have been closing up. the think a rally could finally be ending today? >> if the rally continues to day will be nine straight days. the last time i went nine straight days was 1996. the dog that song was that year? >> my ideas? >> the macarena >> e talk about consumers and that they are still spending despite the fact that we have 2% less and our paychecks of because of the tax break that expired. >> the numbers were great for people buying cars. we have an older fleet in the united states. i'm intrigued by ford bonds as well as stock. gasoline prices are
6:51 am
higher and that helps retail sales. these are great numbers. i'll use the word cautious optimism. americans in need as ben, i like what i'm seeing. we continue to be the leader in the world economy. we need the pope, get that done. italy needs to get a pope and get their economy back on track. costco good, target good, wal-mart good, j.c. penney, not so good. >> the important is if we do not send money the economy falters. >> i feel like at mcmahon, you are correct sir. we do pay attention to that. >> do we have and it's all coming out tomorrow? >> the most lanes/mob ever
6:52 am
in the york for people. samsung employees. they're coming out of the phone tomorrow and it has samsung aquiver in. it is one-fifth of th10 years ago they we need t new products. >> the intent was sounds of all is the son was steeper than the five phones do you think that will help apple out if they have in the less-expensive iphone? >> yes i do. we go is a good success partner. sam's and has a good partner. did i were to marry samsung or apple i would do well. as long as i don't marry nokia.
6:53 am
they aren't bad, motorola is dead. samsung and apple are the two players. it is not a pie they make, and is not a pie they get. i is good. they are the two best pipe makers if you get what i am saying. i do with the season at delays and high of apple or samsung or go with what's next. we need be innovation. >> thank you drive. hopefully today we will get a boat at 1230. >> if we didn't come up high. i.we do get it, i. pie.
6:54 am
>> that is our roof cam overlooking downtown since francisco. we get into some areas of dense fog, it could linger along the coastline, even well into the afternoon. have low betas of the dow will not see too < whatsoever. tanagers are offset war is started, the oakland, 48 concord, 46 of the san francisco. visibility, the fog is not nearly as dense and eat north bay as it was yesterday. concord, three tenths of a while there. a 10th of a mile in oakland. >> a lot of fog from the coast is going through the golden gate and into berkeley. tack on a couple minutes to your drive time but the fog will burn off into the afternoon. by 2:00, '60s and '70s are ready for
6:55 am
the inland spots. the yellow really dominates the screen. we have the potential to see some eighties indicated by the horns and the south bay. my 8:00 p.m. tonight, mild conditions '50s coast side and low 60s everywhere else. afternoon highs, mid-70s fremont, mountain view's 78, 81 campbell. 81-unveiled, upper seventies fair fell concord, of walnut creek and 78. we could see some upper assemblies for napa up, mid- 70s petaluma, down some severance cisco 68 and 72 oakland. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a nice stable weather for the foreseeable future. the next opportunity for rain is tuesday night into wednesday. if you and up to tahoe, snowbound .com. and
6:56 am
ours are a base of 38 to 88 in.. squaw valley a base of 25 to 107 and is very 653 a m in the kron4 morning is will be right back. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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>> and her son is dead as first lady, michelle obama will appear on the cover of vogue magazine again. the fashion magazine once again run its shape issues cover that has been in a provision for the last 10 years. previous april covers featured brooke shields, scouted johansson and giselle bundchen. mrs. obama last appeared on those
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